Saturday, February 11, 2006

Feeling worse for wear

So, I have a horrible chest cold and congestion. I lost my voice this week. My shingles have gotten so much more painful and they feel like burns. I have sharp pains where I can't tell if it's like the worst itch in the world or someone is stabbing me with a hot poker.
I can't sleep without waking up coughing stuff up or blowing stuff out of my nose. Not to mention the fact that my back hurts horribly when I cough.
I try to rest and now I have horrible stomach pains and every time I lie down I have to cough stuff up.
That and MS. I just wonder, can it be worse than this?
Okay, so this is my pity party day!
This week was just the absolute worst. Also, my Neuro put me on Neurontin for the shingles, so I'm wondering if the stomach pains are a side affect of the meds. What else is new?
I hope to write tomorrow and it's much more pleasant!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Shingles - ARGH!!

Okay, so what the heck?!?!? I took my Friday night shot in my left hip and quickly noticed a little red spot afterwards. Well, that little red spot has grown and then over the weekend I noticed a couple more red spots in my front... same level as the one over by my hip.
I kept telling my husband that I was sure I didn't take my shot so far over where I can't see the spot unless I look in the mirror. And the spot was itching and now to the point of burning.
So I went to the doc today who said, "You've got shingles!" Lovely!
So then I get back to work and my husband who was home again with our sick son did the online sleuthing that I sometimes frown upon. He called me and said, "Call your neurologist, seems like there is a problem with Shingles and MS."
So I called my neuro's office and the nurse immediately got me a script for neurontin.
Anyone ever take this stuff before?
I took the first pill just now despite the fact that the drug facts seems to be a little freaky reading. ARGH!!!!
Anyone ever have shingles with their MS before? What was the outcome? What was the duration? What meds did you take with it and what MS meds were you on when you took the meds for shingles?
I'm just curious. Okay, not just curious, a little more anxious for info.

On another note, my doc asked how the antidepressant was working and I have to say, I'm doing pretty well on it. Hey, I have a burning, itchy rash on the top of my arse and I'm not crying. That's gotta be a plus!!

Well, please anyone respond if you've had shingles and you have MS. Please. Thanks so much for reading!!