Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year - belated

I need sun!
I traveled last week by having to drive to two client locations in Illinois - all snowy and freezing cold. And it's followed me home. We're supposed to get a big storm. Blech!!

While on my trip I did a bad thing and forgot my shots. Oh well - like I was really disappointed that I didn't have to give myself a shot for two days. If I could put in that little emoticon that bats it's eyes, that's the one I'd put right here. :)

To the person who is going to use my blog for their research, I couldn't be more flattered!! I hope I help in some way. :$ - that's the embarrassed emoticon. :)

I've been trying to find some old MS bloggers and some of their pages are gone or haven't been updated in over a year. I know how that goes - but I hope everyone is still ok.

I feel ok - sometimes doubting myself a lot - but for so many more other reasons then MS. I do feel that the Wii Fit has helped me feel better physically. Although if I have to hear my trainer say to me one more time, "I've noticed that your left side is a little shaky..." UGH!! Ya think? :D all I can do is say, "no sh*t!" and then continue with my Yoga. If I ever accomplish the Tree Pose without falling on my face I will be so proud of myself.

I'm excited about the MS Walk in April. I hope it's warmer than last year!! I just feel like things are getting closer, and that there is something on the horizon MS wise that will be amazing!
I hope I'm right!

Take care all, I hope you're all well!