Monday, September 05, 2005

A word about Katrina

No, this particular post is not about MS, but I have to ask, could you imagine having fatigue or any other MS symptom and being stuck on the roof of your house for an hour let alone 24 or 48 or 64? I look at my kids this week and cry for the mothers of the children who were dying of hunger this week. I look at my husband who just had surgery and think how horrible it would be for those people who have had recent surgeries and had to try and get out of their house away from flooded areas. I just can't believe how horrible a situation they had there. And how late help was at arriving. But the worst thing I heard all week was what I heard Friday.

When I was at the hospital waiting for Bill during his surgery I met a woman who I thought was really nice. She's from Southern Missouri and she's older. I told her about my kids, about my MS (don't ask why I tell people, I never thought I would before, but I do now), she told me about her work and her husband and their farm.
After our husbands went in for surgery she and I went to the cafeteria and ate and talked together.
Then we went back up to the waiting room and for the brief time we were there before going back to see our husbands she said this, "Looks like God is trying to tell them something."
Huh? What could that possibly mean? Why do idiots have to speak after a horrible tragedy?!?!
I didn't even know what to say.
I just sat there and looked around the waiting room to see if anyone heard the same idiotic statement I just heard and then she told me how her ex husband had gone there and it was just a bad place.
Okay, so I have only been to New Orleans once, when I was a Junior in High School and I loved it. I went with my folks who have been there so many times because they loved it.
I never experienced "the bad" which, excuse me, happens in every city in America.
But why would anyone ever deserve that? Why would God be so angry he'd kill thousands of people? What kind of dumb statement is that?!?!? It just makes no sense to me. It's just plain stupid!
I then said, "What about the children and the elderly?" and she couldn't say a word. Whatever!

There are children and elderly who died this week. There are women who were raped, people who were drowned. What she should have said is, "Why didn't anyone get there the very next day to help those people?" not say, "God's trying to tell them something." What would that something be, that their government didn't care about them? That no one cared?
It just ticks me off to no end!

On 9/11 a woman at my old office said, "You gotta hope those people have given themselves up to Jesus." When I asked why, she said, "Otherwise they're going to hell."
What the BLANK!! I was in pain that day and for months afterwards, just like a lot of other people. And for years since I have NEVER forgotten what one woman said. No one deserved to die that day, not the way they did! And they didn't need anyone to curse them in their death.

Just like no one should curse these poor people who have died and suffered from Katrina!
There are really people out there who are so hateful and vengeful! The same people who said they're glad I have MS, those are the kind of people who make themselves holier than others and think that they're better. They're also the same ones who will be the first to say, "Where's mine?" when they're in need! And those people think they are actually more worthier then others. Well, not to me. Not that it matters what I think, but the people who this week "looted" stores to get food to feed BABIES and ELDERLY. Who stole food to give to OTHERS! And not just keep for themselves! Those are the people who deserve good. They deserve a thank you, a thank you for hanging on, and being there for all those others. They also deserve an apology for every dumb, idiotic statement someone stupid made this week.

Stress Factor - The Game

Stress factor 1: I was sick all last week. Still have the cold, but it's kind of diminishing. But I went to work on Monday even though I felt awful, then I left and worked from home. Thus making me work until about 7:30 instead of resting.
I worked from home on all the rest of the week, except on Wednesday when I could barely get out of bed.
Having a virus and MS, I think that's a recipe for extreme fatigue.

Stress factor 2 and 3: Friday woke up to find my son had the "d" word so he couldn't go to daycare. Called the folks to ask if they'd come earlier and kept both kids home for my folks to watch while I took my husband, Bill, to the hospital for his surgery.
He had the hernia surgery and we were at the hospital till about 6pm. So that was an all day thing.
Now I need to take care of everything in the house. Bill can't do anything because of the surgery, except shout at the baseball game, of course. :-) So I think just the thought of the everything is freaking me out. Should I cut the lawn? Or let it grow? How much can grass grow in a month? If I were to cut the lawn, now is when I should while my folks are hear to watch the kids. Or do I come home from work to cut the lawn and leave the kids as daycare till I'm done?
Decisions, decisions!

Stress factor 4: My daughter. She has been good in the mornings and not in the afternoons, until this morning, when my stress level hit it's peak. I feel so bad for her because she's so jealous of her little brother, but is so awful to him that it's really hard to be there for her when she's being like that.
My parents are helping, but they leave tomorrow. I don't know how much I'll be able to put up with after a long day at work and having to bathe all three of my kids.

Three you say? Yes, when I have to also bathe my husband, I have three kids!
But, it's all payback... Hopefully if I ever need it, he'll wash my butt too one day! LOL!!!

Stress Factor 5: Had another site reaction last night. It was quick, but I think it was a culmination of everything. My face got really hot and flushed and I had the tightness in my throat and neck. I did my almost cry thing and sat back, Bill helped get me distracted by putting something interesting on TV and then I was fine about 15 minutes later. Whew! Still hate the freaking things, but if all I've had problems with is fatigue since being on that crazy drug, then I'll take it.

Okay, so the little girl just woke up from her nap, which is a feat in itself, that's a plus. And she just made me some coffee from her Mrs. Potts tea set. She's the cutest darn thing in the world. She and my son make me smile and cry all at the same time.
How can that be? How can kids infuriate and then just be the best joy you'll ever know? I would never trade it.

Yes, I'd prefer having to take care of everything when I'm not fighting a cold and when I'm not so fatigued, which could be from the cold, and without kids who are so argumentative, even my 14 month old is argumentative and he can't talk yet! :-) But how boring would my life be? Plus, I think every challenge I face since I've known about my MS, just makes me push that much harder not to let it take me over.