Sunday, December 28, 2008

Been a very long time

It's been so long since I last updated this. I'm doing pretty well. The depression has subsided considerably and when there are the occasions that I get sad, I'm able to overcome them much easier. And think of my children when those times are bad which lifts me up.

In April we got a Beagle puppy, Daisy, she's adorable and a handful and has been a great companion to me. So she has helped as well. She and my best friend and my kids and my folks. They've all helped me out of my slump.

I did have a sad moment when I got really dizzy, where I would fall over when I stood up, get carsick, etc. I was so worried the day it got really bad that it was my MS. But I got to my new Physician that same day and she said I had an inner ear infection and I had developed Vertigo, but she had me go to see my Neurologist to make sure. I went to one of the nurse practitioner's with my Neurologist's office the next morning and she said I was doing really well and she believed it was vertigo from inner ear too and not from MS. Thank GOD!! I cried I was so happy it wasn't a flare up.

The only other thing was that a week after that I had a lymph node in my neck get enlarged and it was probably from the inner ear infection, but I got on heavy duty antibiotics and it was much better.

So I'm doing so much better. Other than weight - lol - but whatever - I'll knock that out too. We got a Wii this Christmas so I've already been rally active with that and even set up my routine on Wii Fit.

I've gotten a few comments from folks - I hope you're all doing really well. One comment says the person has had MS for 32 years - I call that encouragement really. Please all take care!

Have a wonderful New Year and I hope you're all healthy and prosperous (despite the economy) in the coming year and years ahead. And in a few more years who knows - a cure for MS!! Can't hurt to be optimistic!!