Sunday, February 22, 2009

MS Walk & MS Awareness

I have said before that I haven't gone to groups and not one to talk to others about MS.
I don't really know what to say in person. It seems to be easier to put down my complaints and experiences on this thing. More like not facing it in others :(.

My family and I went to the Gateway Chapter's MS Walk Kickoff party. It was really enlightening. Hearing from others who walk and are trying to raise money.

There was a woman there with MS who shared some of her experiences with the disease and she is a volunteer and does so much for the society.

I feel a little lacking in the area of support. I make the MS Walk my yearly contribution and sometimes it's so hard to ask for donations. After 7 years of doing the walk, I feel bad to ask the same family and friends - but also so incredibly grateful and amazed when they continue to do so.

There was something this woman said that made me feel reminded that I'm not alone. She talked about the fatigue. And oh my gosh, how I have tried the last year to make it not a big deal.
When I've felt fatigued lately, I take a nap and think I'm sick or coming down with something.
I always tell someone - just let me rest my eyes for a bit and "I hate this feeling". Which I do. I absolutely hate it. But this woman also made me nervous. She retired at 45, I think she said. I am going to be 42 this year and work long hours and really don't want to lose this job. So I'm going to work extra hard to take care of myself so I don't have to worry about it.
Like - work extra hard to take naps. LOL!! Sounds so funny to say!

So, while I'm back in awareness of my MS, we're fast approaching the MS Awareness week and I'm hoping to raise at least $3,000 for this years MS Walk.
I feel much more hopeful that there is a cure on the horizon. Just by seeing some of the advances made in the last year - like the stem cell procedure. Would be incredible.

I hope you're all well!
Don't forget about MS Awareness week March 2-8! And please contribute and ask friends to contribute to the MS Walk (my team is walking in the St. Peters, MO walk! :)), MS Challenge walk and all those brave people with MS who do the 50 miles there! They are amazing! and finally the MS Bike ride.
These are all great opportunities to raise money for further research and to provide the Chapters with the ability to provide for so many with Multiple Sclerosis!
Take care!