Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Weird MRI experience

I had my fourth MRI. It's not the Open but it's not the original closed where the tunnel is really small and long, but the tunnel opening is a little wider and it's not so long.
I was having a pretty good day yesterday so when I was first pushed into the tunnel, I saw the light at the end, or the rays from the light. I said to myself, "Okay, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel." Then I promptly started crying. I'm not sure why. It was probably a culmination of everything going on with me in the last couple of months.
I couldn't stop crying. It would get worse during the noisier passes of the machine. I really hate it! It's so intimidating.
I probably have said this in a previous post, but I have seven screws in my jaw and I still worry about them flying out through my body and killing me during an MRI. I know... I'm still a kid in my head!
The technicians at this place are so kind! They're great guys who I feel so much better knowing their out on the other side of the window in case I need them. When the first technician pulled me out after the first series of scans I said, "I don't know what my problem is, I keep crying." And he said, "Crying! Well, we'll get you taken care of here." Then he made sure to tell me how long each scan was and what was coming next. I guess to better prepare me. I just don't know why it was so hard yesterday. Maybe feeling sorry for myself.
I should find out today the result... I need to renew my Copaxone. That's waiting till we get the results.
I don't know if anyone's reading this. So I may not keep this blog up. Maybe I'll just convert everything to a diary for myself. Who knows!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's Mother's Day

I'm not sure I have an audience at all, but if there are mother's reading this, then Happy Mother's Day!

I think my husband is thinking I'm taking this Mother's Day thing too far, becuase I'm so tired today!! And taking a warm bath was the wrong choice, now I'm even more tired. But, it was so nice! I can't not take my baths no matter how fatigued or whatever they make me.

Anyway, gotta go give the Willster his bottle! Maybe he'll take a nap with me.

Again, Happy Mother's Day!

My Balance Ball

I've got a new toy! After all my attempts at trying to get into a Yoga routine, I decided to add a balance ball to my tribulations.
I love it... I can lay over it, and I mean, LAY over it... and do exercises and sit on it at the computer! HA!! I'm not sure that's it's purpose, but it's more comfortable then this butt-rotting chair I use currently sit in.

So, in my first attempts at the exercise, I was bounced off of it, rolled around by it, and I'm not a little person! I also was extremely glad not to have witnesses, because I would not have been mistaken as graceful, that's for sure!!

I also decided to try to do the side stretch over it without watching the instructions first... I'm not sure how to put this eloquently, but I'm sure I looked like a sack of potatoes being tossed on an oversized water balloon. With only my legs to keep me steady, and MS legs, are not exactly the steadiest, I was walking the room sideways, just to keep my balance.

I demonstrated this exercise to my husband and 4 year old daughter later that evening just to give them the show. They enjoyed it! Now my daughter bounces the ball all over the house and my ten month old tries to pound on it, while trying to stand at the same time. It hits him in the face and he giggles away.

I purchased a balance ball for my daughter so she can do exercises with me... but I recommend it mostly for laying over and relaxing! It's wonderful!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Something new I've learned

Well, first off, I don't know if anyone's reading this, so I don't know if I'm helping anyone but myself here.

But I found something out while painting today. When I use a regular brush my right hand starts to go numb. Maybe it's the MS, maybe it's carpal tunnel... who knows. But I found out that when I use the cheap, sponge, disposable brush I don't have the numbness.

They have a round handle and it's smaller, so maybe that's it. Who knows. Just thought this would be a helpful tip for anyone who's experienced the numbness while painting.