Thursday, April 20, 2006

Busy month

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last wrote.
I have been sooooo busy at work. I normally work from 7:30am to about 5pm. But for the past three weeks I've had a big project rolling out and I've been working from about 7:30, sometimes earlier, to 6pm. Then I get home and I have to work some more from home. UGH!!

Now I have to get ready for the MS Walk this weekend. I haven't had time to finish my team shirts - so that's the project for tonight and tomorrow.

I am really excited though - my team goal is $2500 - and so far my team has raised $2300! We are so close!! The most we've raised in the past was about $1700. I am just so psyched!
I have a great team!! They are so supportive!
I have friends on my team who I sometimes see maybe once or twice a year and yet they are always there for me on the walk!!
I'm just so greatful!!

Other than being really busy - which of course is just exhausting me - I'm doing pretty well. Just have my moments!!
I hope you're all well! Take care and if I don't get a chance to write before the walk, I'll definitely write with an update on Sunday night after the walk!!
Go "Pamela's Team" - GO!!