Sunday, March 26, 2006

Enough Energy to Feel Accomplished

Despite the legs and the "Oh, can't I just lay down?" feeling. I finally cleaned enough to feel accomplished!! Woo-Hoo!!
My therapist said, "What can you do to get some things off your plate?" I said, "I need someone to clean my house. Now people come in and say it's not dirty - but clutter to me is dirty and we've had enough to beat the band! Plus my daughter said that she didn't like our house anymore because it was all "junked up." LOL!!! Kids say the darndest things - oh, and the most honest things!

Of course I need to tell myself that other things can wait - otherwise the overwhelming feeling starts again. But I'm really glad that with my therapist's advice I told Bill I needed his help and I got it!! Whew!!! All bedrooms are clean and nice and organized. Well, at least for five minutes before the kids get all the toys out again. So tired. :-)

I am so grateful to my pledge from a fellow blogger for the MS Walk - thank you so much!!!
Since last week I've raised $280! Cool!! Maybe my team can reach it's goal!! That will be great!!!
At least for a pill form of the injectibles - wouldn't that be so much better?!?! I wonder if it would be too much to ask that the pill is small and easy to swallow instead of a huge arse horse pill. Well, I'll take what we can get - as long as it's always better!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

2006 MS Walk

I am participating in the MS Walk again this year. This will be our 4th year. "Our" meaning my team, creatively called "Pamela's Team". Sponsor me if you can - or any of my team members.

Thank you so much!

Cold in my Nose = Pains in my Legs

I have not had the best of times lately. My legs are aching. I finally called the neuro's office and told them about it. "You're not over your sinus infection?" Nope! "Well, you know that when you have a virus..." yeah, yeah, yeah.
So it's not enough to have a sinus infection and be on three different antibiotics. It's not enough to have shingles - strange though they are. It's not enough to have fatigue from the neurontin that is supposed to help the shingles. It's now time to have leg pain, leg aches, sharp pains through the arms and hands.
Hm... I hate MS!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good Movie of the Month - not MS related

Veering off the subject of MS, because sometimes we need to do that, I want to recommend a good movie of the month.

My first recommended "feel-good" movie is the new "Pride and Prejudice". Okay, I'm a die-hard Jane Austen fan and this movie is not really even close to the book. Some may disagree, but it's just not. Okay, some things are close, but no, Jane did not write "you've bewitched me body and soul." But it's still a good line!!
And I'm so sick of these screenwriters messing up the absolute best dialogue between two people who are really drawn to each other but want to dislike each other. The scene when Darcy proposes and Elizabeth lets him have it. Why or why do people not let Jane's dialogue hold true? It's so good!! You don't need to mess with it!! Really!! Even the 1995 version "messed" with it. UGH!!!
But I digress... see the die hard Jane Austen fan in me comes out even when I truly do enjoy the movie.

So, I'll get to the why I do like it.
  1. The scenery - BEAUTIFUL!! I've been to England and long to go back and hope to go with my husband and my mom and my daughter and my son and whoever else wants to go!! They did a marvelous job in this film with the scenery. I long to watch the movie again so I can see the scenery. Ah - England!
  2. The music - BEAUTIFUL!! I just have to say, I'm going to be 39, I listen to Annie Lennox, James Taylor, Sting, Van Hagar (Van Halen with Sammy Hagar), etc, etc. I also listen to Mozart - a lot, Bach, Beethoven, Debussy.... I can't list all of them - but Classic. I listen to Showtunes. My husband, kids and stepkids are always amazed that when we put the "Showtunes" station on the cable TV, I can either sing or name that tune about 70% of the time. And I listen to Sountracks. I love the soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice. It's just beautiful music. And on a day like today, Sunny and 70 in St. Louis, it was perfect music. Of course I went to lunch with another 39 year old in her convertible and we listened to rap music. It really would have been better listening to the soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice. But then it would have been better driving in the country in a convertible listening to the soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice. :-)
  3. The acting - okay it was good... I just wish that whatshisface who plays Darcy could have had more lines, because in the book, he really does talk a lot more than this guy did! :-)
  4. The romance - it really is romantic. It's a great romance and we don't get enough of those in the theatres lately!
It's a really enjoyable movie... much like "Under the Tuscan Sun" with the scenery and the music and the atmosphere and yes, there was even romance in there, but it was more with her falling in love with her new life... but that could be next months movie.
Go rent Pride and Prejudice!!

Fatigue, thy name is - well, um, fatigue

The last two weeks have gotten pretty tough as far as my best friend, Fatigue, goes.
And I've unfortunately found a particular culprit. Well, a culprit aside from MS.
Neurontin! Okay, that works, Neurontin, thy name is Fatigue. At least for me.
I can't stop taking it because I'm not completely over the Shingles and the nurses tell me that if I stop it, I could have MS flare ups.
"If it's not one thing it's another!"

Work is going crazy, I have huge deadlines and something I've been working on since July has finally come to pass, therefore, more craziness. Fatigue was not on my list of things to make it harder!!! ARGH!!!

But on a positive note, I'm in a much better mood - except of course when I feel like passing out. So the anti-depressant is a really good thing. Going strong since December on this, so woo-hoo!!

The kids are great, even though they're screaming right now. :-) My son is so smart, he's talking so much and doing just so many grown up kid things for a 20 month old. My daughter, well, she's 5 and fighting. And just as beautiful and funny as ever.

Hope all my readers are doing well!!