Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sharp Pains

What the heck!?! I have a good scan and all week those bursts of pain have gotten worse!
Yesterday one lasted about 2 minutes. I had another one last night, same place, left arm near the crook of my arm.
So, what is this? Doc said it was something that MS does, shoots out calcium. But I've never heard of this before. Anyone, anyone?

Let me know if you have any more info on this.
I'm thinking with a good scan, things should be good. But this is getting worse. Then again, it's been really hot in St. Louis/St. Charles the past couple of days. Maybe it's the heat.

Take care all!!


Jaime said...

Hi Pam,

I was referred to your site by Kim over at Mandatory Rest Period. I am sorry to hear that you have been in some pain lately. I can understand. I get sharp pains all the time...and in weird places too! They don't seem to last long (just a couple of minutes, here and there) but they hurt like hell, sometimes enough to make me double over in pain.

I have not heard of any correlation to the heat...and I get these all year round. I have been told by my doctors that these are muscle spasms...most-likely associated with the MS. I take Baclofen which is a muscle relaxant /anti-spasticity medication to help with these types of pains. It does help, but from time to time I still get these pains. Each person is different so there is no guarantee, but it may be something for you to talk to your neurologist about.

Also, when was the last time you had blood work done? I would suggest you contact your PCP and have some routine labs done (CBC, CMP, Magnesium (not included in the CMP), and PTH) because this will give you and your doctor a better idea if there is some kind of electrolyte imbalance going on or some other possible cause. Not to mention it is always a good idea to have regular blood tests done.

The other thing to think about is...are you at risk for osteoporosis? If you are, because of long-term use of steroids (due to MS or birth control/estrogen, or if you are getting to the pre-menopausal stage) you may want to go in for a DEXA scan. The first signs of bone loss are often times bone pain (very much like arthritic pain). Just a thought to run past your doctor...if you have not already!

I wish you the best and hope that you get to feeling better real soon! I hope that this information helped. Please take care of yourself and keep in touch. I would like to blogroll you if you don't mind. Please let me know. You can reach me at my blog or email.

Jaime said...


Picked up your link from another blog site (that wild Canadian!) primary diagnostic symptom of MS was pain...deep, aching, nerve pain. The "lightening strikes" (as I have personally coined the term) are a bit of a wonderment with their jab and run discomfort and I have found little that helps with them and no REAL cause (ie, potassium/elyte levels, cervical radiculopathy, spasm, etc.). I wouldn't necessarily jump to the conclusion your "good" brain scan is a false sense of you know, MS likes to leave "footprints"...damage done days, weeks, months, or years ago may just be showing up symptomatically. Not comforting, I know...

Linda D. in Seattle

mouse said...

Hi Pam, Kim's post sent me here as well! I have had the same jab in the crook of my left arm but it only happens to me when I am having a bowel movement. So, I know that is not the kind of information that I have ever seen on any MSer's blog, but then again this is me, right down to the nitty gritty! The sensation has now all but left and become a chronic dull ache in my bicep that only gets sharp when I forget and make a quick movement, i.e. lurch, with my arm: or when I yawn!

Suzy said...

Oh gosh how I can relate! I get those electric pains all the time and sometimes I'll be sitting here minding my own business and IT strikes! My body will actually jump! And I Neurontin! I can't tolerate the stuff well.

Can you believe my old MS doc said MS doesn't cause pain? Yeah...right!!

Stephen said...

i occasionally have little pin-prick pains mostly in my lower legs. not a huge issue, but it can be startling to feel like i'm being jabbed. also random itches, and the feeling there is an ant crawling on my skin. i was told this was a common symptom. sorry to hear your's are more intense than that.

Pandora said...

Hey there Pam,
I'm from Australia, I'm 19 and I am a little bewildered by all the talk on MS. My partner's mother has MS, and I see her in pain quite a lot, she needs a cane and also had little to no feeling in her fingers. I have heard that these are common features of this disease, but I was wondering if you and your wonderful friends could help me in comforting her? I really feel horrible seeing her in pain, or hearing she has been in pain and not knowing what to say or how to act.. PLEASE HELP?!
I don't usually use e-blogger, but if you could please please email me at I would really appreciate it!

Janx said...


I'm wondering if the sharp pains you have experience are anything like mine, the one neurologist I’ve seen so far (with whom I was less than impressed) told me that my pain is not “typical” of ms, but what you describe sounds like it could be very similar. I have severe pains in my back, around the waist (back and front) and oddly, in my left big toe, the pain feels as if someone has heated up a knife to be white-hot, and then jammed it into my body with no warning whatsoever. the pain is so intense that i almost always scream loudly (had a very embarrassing incident at the dry cleaner this way) and the pain itself leaves kind of an lingering feeling (like aftertaste when you eat things w/fake sugar..but I can’t think of a word for after-pain) that takes a few hours to go away.

i do have the "usual" numbness, pins and needles and burning sensations as well, but those are a delightful spring walk compared to those sudden pains - ) would you describe your sharp pains as anything like this?

Anonymous said...

As I read this post, I am feeling the "aftermath" of the sharp pains that have recently started striking up my spine. I have not even been diagnosed as having MS, yet- I have been told that I am probable. I thought to be perfectly normal until last month I fell flat on my face with extreme pain from head to toe, sensations, sharp pains (just starting), dizziness, weakness and falling for no reasons. I have been in bed off and on almost a month. I have already stopped working and am scared beyond my wildest dreams.

I am only 30 years old, single and of course, no insurance. Now, due to this "attack" I am jobless. Thank God I have decent doctors who are actually concerned if I die or not.

Of course, I have heard the words MS, but never really paid attention to it. So, I never really actually knew what it was/is. I have been studying since last week- (the worst day of my life) and am convenciened that I have this.

I know that it is expensive and I need to find insurance. I just can not seem to be able to get out of the house longer than going to the local convenience store.

I noticed that people can live normal lives for a lengthy amount of time. I don't see how, though. I have been this way for over a month and once I start feeling better- it strikes me back down again in a hurry.

If you have any information that would be helpful for me- I would greatly appreciate it. I want to be positive with this disease but each day that goes by- I am going deeper in the grave.

If there is anyone that I can get a little hope from- that would be greatly appreciated also.

I can be reached at



Anonymous said...

Hi guys
Neuro's only want to treat obvious MS pts. I've been fighting mine for 3 yrs; he told me I have fibro, get over it, people my age don't get MS, I'm a Sr, my cousin is 72 and just got diagnosed, duh...My MRI 3 yrs ago was clean but he refused to do a lumbar and 2weeks ago I had my first lightening like strike of pain, from the top of my shoulder to my fingers, it took me to the ground in tears, then I felt like I had no muscle movement, it was 5 minutes before my husband came in and helped me up. Also, are you guys checking your Epstein Barr levels? MS pts commonly have higher levels; mine climbs yearly and I've never had mono.
Still looking for answers, this is a great, clean site.
Shirley in Maine

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this site. I've been doing some research regarding my problem that started this week. It started out with quick sharp pain to my left foot, then the following day I had a tingling/burning sensation to my right thigh. The next day I still had the burning/tingling sensation along with quick SHARP pain in my hip. It's enough to make me cringe and scream. Catches me off guard each time. My Dr. said that I probably have a pinched nerve??? I'm goint to see a Neuro. next week to see if I can get more help. This has been going on all week. What exactly should you look for to determine if you have MS. Is there something specific?



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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I don't yet know what is wrong with me as my primary is scheduling my appt with a neuro. but just to know that I am not alone in all these pains I am having means the world to me. Thank you for making me feel not so crazy :)

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