Sunday, January 28, 2007

5 Reasons I hate MS

  1. Invading my Calgon moments: I love hot baths and I can't take them without being sick for about an hour afterwards! ARGH!! Screw the disease - I'll take baths till I'm unable to get in the tub myself. At that point, I think my husband will put me in and forget about me then I'll just prune up and die. I'm hoping that's at 80 or later of course.
  2. Shooting pains: They really suck when I feel them in places that you'd least expect to feel pain - like on my arm below the elbow or in the butt. Jiminy - I could be sitting still, or sleeping and I'll feel like someone just gave me a shot in the arse!! The worst has been in my right eye. MS Sucks!
  3. The old SD (sensitive topic here): I always wondered why my Neuro was asking how it was going in the 'ol bedroom until lately!! Thinking I was having a problem because of a drug, I was researching on the Internet last night and clicked on a link in Wikepedia. In it, it talked about the lack of.. you know.. and then I clicked on that and it immediately showed Multiple Sclerosis as one of the reasons for SD. Nice. Stupid disease!!
  4. Relapses or not: The other day I was in a long meeting. All of a sudden my foot started doing the vibrating thing again - like when I feel that rushing feeling of the blood in my heel... only this time it was all over my foot. I thought, "Am I having a relapse?" No, Pam, you're not - you nutter! Turns out it was my cell phone that I had on vibrate, which was in my purse, which my foot was up against. Gees I'm a nut.
  5. Symptoms: I'll go to the neuro and tell her a list of crap that goes on and she'll tell me, that's normal, or oh sounds like you have a bit of arthritis in your neck (great), or forgetting stuff is all part of aging (don't remind me)... So then I'll say, well, then I don't have MS anymore, which I pretty much say every time I go to see her. I probably said this before, but the last time she said, "no disease gives you a spot on your neck like the one you have." F'ing disease!

So, there you have it - just a few reasons why MS sucks. It's not the end of the world of course. Could be worse, could be more painful.

Oh - the yoga is kinda of on a hiatus, but the weight loss is going great. I can still walk up lots of stairs and now I run up and down them at home too. I'm going to have great looking legs before I turn 40! Now if I can only get rid of the stomach - oh but I have to inject there, so I need to save some fat. So that was reason number six - MS totally blows!


mdmhvonpa said...

"At that point, I think my husband will put me in and forget about me then I'll just prune up and die."

Hmmm, perhaps a compromise? Get a bigger claw-foot tub and have the husband join? He could not POSSIBLY forget you then.

Stephen said...

great list. i can agree with all of them - love the cell phone. there is a chapter in montel's book climbing higher about why he gets depressed - a little more pessimistic than your list, but along the same lines, and i've showed it to people who wanted to know why i was down. thanks!

Friday's Child said...

I can relate. #4 is great. Sometimes I feel vibrating in my hip (closer to my hiney) and I think it's my phone on vibrate and then I remember I don't have my phone. That always freaks me out. NO ONE in my life understands when I say, "Damn, my ass is vibrating again." Some of my girlfriends say, "And that upsets you why?" It's one of the symptoms that's easy to laugh about.

I soooo agree with you ... F'ing disease!

Nancy said...

funny about the cell phone, my husband's hearing is a bit squirelly and so is his feeling in his, while driving he'll put his cellphone in between his legs on vibrate. it's actually amusing to see him jump up everytime he gets a call!

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