Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Balance Ball

I've got a new toy! After all my attempts at trying to get into a Yoga routine, I decided to add a balance ball to my tribulations.
I love it... I can lay over it, and I mean, LAY over it... and do exercises and sit on it at the computer! HA!! I'm not sure that's it's purpose, but it's more comfortable then this butt-rotting chair I use currently sit in.

So, in my first attempts at the exercise, I was bounced off of it, rolled around by it, and I'm not a little person! I also was extremely glad not to have witnesses, because I would not have been mistaken as graceful, that's for sure!!

I also decided to try to do the side stretch over it without watching the instructions first... I'm not sure how to put this eloquently, but I'm sure I looked like a sack of potatoes being tossed on an oversized water balloon. With only my legs to keep me steady, and MS legs, are not exactly the steadiest, I was walking the room sideways, just to keep my balance.

I demonstrated this exercise to my husband and 4 year old daughter later that evening just to give them the show. They enjoyed it! Now my daughter bounces the ball all over the house and my ten month old tries to pound on it, while trying to stand at the same time. It hits him in the face and he giggles away.

I purchased a balance ball for my daughter so she can do exercises with me... but I recommend it mostly for laying over and relaxing! It's wonderful!!

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