Sunday, March 26, 2006

Enough Energy to Feel Accomplished

Despite the legs and the "Oh, can't I just lay down?" feeling. I finally cleaned enough to feel accomplished!! Woo-Hoo!!
My therapist said, "What can you do to get some things off your plate?" I said, "I need someone to clean my house. Now people come in and say it's not dirty - but clutter to me is dirty and we've had enough to beat the band! Plus my daughter said that she didn't like our house anymore because it was all "junked up." LOL!!! Kids say the darndest things - oh, and the most honest things!

Of course I need to tell myself that other things can wait - otherwise the overwhelming feeling starts again. But I'm really glad that with my therapist's advice I told Bill I needed his help and I got it!! Whew!!! All bedrooms are clean and nice and organized. Well, at least for five minutes before the kids get all the toys out again. So tired. :-)

I am so grateful to my pledge from a fellow blogger for the MS Walk - thank you so much!!!
Since last week I've raised $280! Cool!! Maybe my team can reach it's goal!! That will be great!!!
At least for a pill form of the injectibles - wouldn't that be so much better?!?! I wonder if it would be too much to ask that the pill is small and easy to swallow instead of a huge arse horse pill. Well, I'll take what we can get - as long as it's always better!!


Mike Hillwig said...

I was on Avonex for three years and recently changed to Rebif. I went from a HUGE needle to something a diabetic would use. I can handle this. Sure, a pill would be nice, but most therapies require an injection.

mdmhvonpa said...

Oh man ... that "Just lay down" feeling. It washed over me on Sunday and I was done for!

Suzy said...

I'm on Not fun, but when is it considered fun injecting one's self? =o)

I've had that same "just lay down feeling"....mine is titled a 3 HOUR NAP. I'm a little tired of this silly every day appointment, however, I guess things could be much worse, right?

Jayme said...

You have a great blog here. I hope you keep updating it. I will be back again and again. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself! I have an MS blog, too, in case you want to stop by. Keep up the excellent work!