Monday, December 18, 2006

Emails, Work Update and Happy Holidays

I think I would write more often if I stopped forgetting my password. I have to sit here and tap my feet a few times before I remember. I feel like Dorothy. But my mantra is, "What is my password?"

Ok - I have to say this to that anonymous email person - I did not get MS from Chlamydia pneumoniae. They (the MS Gods) have never gotten to the point of proving that.
And no, antibiotics will not get rid of MS. Jiminy - if that were the case I'd finish all those unfinished prescriptions in my cabinet!

Of course, I'm the one who doesn't study up on this. I'm the one who guiltily leaves that up to my fabulous Doc. Mainly because she told me to take care of myself and my family and she would take care of the research. Believe it or not, I've actually listened to her.

Yes, it would be awesome if a "series of antibiotics" could rid me of having to take shots. But hey - if I didn't take shots, I'd have to own up to the fact that the dents in my thighs, hips, arms and stomach are actually from cellulite. Oh, but I don't have dents in my stomach. As Doc pointed out. Gee - thanks!! She then proceeded to say - "Shoot yourself there."
This is why I won't ever lipo. I need the fat to shoot into.

So enough about MS, what do you think about MS? That was a play on a line from Beaches, which was a play on a line from something else... I think.

Anyway, about the new job - I cannot wait! I am having a hard time with short timers attitude and with the holidays, it's that much harder to concentrate. In fact... I only logged in tonight to do some work. I love procrastination. It's so wasteful. :-)

The holidays are here and I'm really so excited. I spent 4 hours wrapping presents yesterday and I will not apologize if I over indulged this year. My daughter is in the peak of her Santa believes and she's just so adorable. She gives me that, "hm, I'm not sure look" but then also has so much wonder when she talks about Christmas. Then my son is at the age where he can get into Christmas. The best part is how he walks up to the tree and smacks the "bells" on the tree, as if they were baseballs. He's all boy - that is for sure!!
This is just so exciting! I love watching them enjoy this time.

I also hope you all are enjoying this time! Have a very safe and happy holiday!! Please take care of yourselves.


Anonymous said...

My kids are 4yr old twins and the Santa Effect is at 110% right now. They even made their own good/bad lists! I was put on the bad list since they could not figure out who to put on there. I made a sad face and they abruptly asserted that I will be on the New Good List. Christmas is the best when you spend it with children.

Oh, and I hear MS is caused by keyboard!


Anonymous said...

Antibiotics...TuT! It allways amazes me when you get someone saying things like that.

"Yes sir, this is why I am in a wheelchair...We can't afford antibiotics in the first world!"

Sorry just wanted to drop seasonal greetings!Merry christmas and hope you are well!


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a merry merry and are off to a happy happy :-)

May the coming year bring you peace, joy and health (and some recovery.)


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be TOO quick to discount ALL antibiotics...

I'm a private researcher who is certain I've found a very unique "stealth" infection that is the base source for all so-called autoimmune disorders (and more).

After 8 years of progressive MS, my work proved out in 2003... I retired my electric wheelchair and now ride a bicycle instead. Five other autoimmune disorders responded in like fashion.

I TRIED to bring my case before doctors and researchers - without success. No one would talk to me. My own doctors terminated me as a patient - without explanation... they wouldn't even SEE me. My 9 tests supporting a diagnosis of MS were "discounted" and my ex-neurologists NOW say I am either a mental case - or "running a scam".
I lost virtually ALL medical care.

My work continues - and it DOES explain nearly all the mysteries of MS and autoimmune disorders. I can even tell you why they are on the rise - and can guarantee you it will become far WORSE without proper interventions.

I no longer use antibiotics and have gone to applications of very mild electrical current to kill off this unique form of osteomyelitis (when active). Extremely difficult to permanently eradicate, I'm now "searching for a switch"; investigating WHAT acts as a catalyst for this infection's periods of activity and dormancy.

My work continues, but no longer are attempts made to bring it before "the professionals". My proof will be in the numbers of people helped; with enough voices joined together, maybe SOMEBODY will listen.