Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Craze Has Died Down

Well - I've turned 40 and survived (so far), my team walked in the 2007 MS Walk and raised over $2000 and I've now actually had some time to read up on some MS blogs and research.

Wow for Erik! Gosh, I know this is gonna sound crazy... but I hope that he finds out it's Lyme... because it sounds like that is something that is curable or at least more controllable. But to go through all of the MS hell and have it not be MS! That's just nuts!!
As I was reading through all of that there is that part of me going, "hm, I wonder if I have Lyme disease." With my folks having their huge property in rural Missouri, I've had many experiences with ticks. But none of those same symptoms that Erik has had.

It sucks that he didn't find a good doc till recently. I wish him lots and lots of luck and hope he gets healthy soon!!!

A friend of mine got Mono recently. I looked it up - again. I think I wrote about this a while ago, that my sister's friend's husband (:-)) has MS and he had mono as a teen also. He was whom I first heard the Mono linked to MS theory. So of course when my friend told me he got Mono I got really scared.

If there is a connection, can he get MS? Even though he's older - not a teenager - is it possible?
I read about the connection between the Epstein-Barr Virus and MS. How EBV causes Mono and how we all carry that virus even after having the infection. I found some more info on EBV, but I'm looking for more information on EBV, mono and MS too... if we carry the EBV virus, can we give others mono, even years and years later? And also, can you get mono again if you've had it before? If we can give others EBV, like our kids, then is that the tie to the possible hereditary links to MS? Again - don't want to mislead anyone - I have NO clue what I'm talking about. Just curious. I really can't wait to talk to my neuro again!! That is for sure.

Also what I found, is that there are a couple of people who have done studies on this. There seems to be a big correlation. So I'm really hoping that they can figure something out here. If they could even find a vaccine for EBV - then they could possibly lower the risk of our kids getting MS. Could you imagine? That alone would be huge!
If they were able to find that correlation, could they come up with something to restore cells I'm not sure on that... again NOT a researcher. Just hopeful!

I hope you're all well. I apologize for my recent pity parties. The birthday was just like any other day. I hit rock bottom that week... but I'm 40 now - feel no different then I did before... so life goes on. Thanks for all your support too!

Take care!!


The Patient Connection said...

Happy birthday - belatedly

Just to let you know the our research blog into MS is still open

Please fell free to go to

Use this to share your story with others make us all better informed

All the best


Stephen said...

40 ain't no thang - at least from here on the cusp of 50. which i'm sure someone older than me will tell me ain't no thang.

good for you for walking - those of us who can't/don't appreciate your efforts.

Sarah Olson said...

we've had over a dozen MS
diagnoses come through our local support group and everyone has been responsive to Lyme treatment-
you can be blood and spinal negative and still have it-

good lyme sites-
go to Flash Discussion for message board &
question & answer-

also but if ONE picture if worth a MILLION words it
is THIS picture right here- PLEASE click on this link- and scroll down to
the 2 maps- one is deaths from MS- the other is Lyme stats- just look!!!
Take care--