Friday, April 27, 2007

They're baaaacckkk!

Well, I'm having those "pains" again. The ones that travel throughout my body.

I'm fine if it's every once in a while, but this is day two of them hitting anywhere and everywhere. I feel like someone has a voodoo doll of me again. I'm sure there are many - like the hubby said last time, "Which one could it be?" Nice.

These are particularly bad, so I broke out the Neurontin last night. I can't take that stuff... I'm just too busy and that lays me out cold. So wish there was something better! I do truly believe now that sleep does help. I believe this now that I don't get so much of it and I'm really hurting.

My hubby told me to take Ibuprofen. It just doesn't help me that he won't read up on ANY of this stuff. I know he means well, but then if he meant well, he'd read up on why that doesn't help with neuropathic pain.

I could be catching a cold though, so that could be why these are particularly bad. It's always something. And it's depressing me. I think I've cried every day this week... and no, it's not "that time" - sorry gentlemen. :-)

I just read Erik's blog about his recent visit with the stupid doctor! I think that's just horrible!! There has to be someone who will LISTEN to him.
The funny thing about the doc insisting that the spinal tap is the end all diagnosis for MS... I was told by my Neurologist that the lesions are the sure sign. If he doesn't have that, then I don't know. I just hate that he and others are being treated like a cow going through the freaking heard! Jiminy Christmas!!

I remember that after my spinal tap, my old neuro didn't really say anything differently than she had said before. So I don't know what that really told her. Other than that I'm deathly afraid of spinal taps!

I don't get these doctors. You'd think someone would want to try to remedy something out there so they could get their names in a journal somewhere. Particularly the lowest of the class. ;-)

I hope the rest of you are doing well. Really!! Please take care!


Jammy said...

Hi there. I am glad to have found your blog. I am in the middle of being diagnosed, it's a long process I am strting to gather. I have my next neuro follow up tomorrow, so am hoping I will have more info. from my various testing and latest MRI. I know he's got to rule everything else in the world out, and his reputation as a dr. is on the line, as well as my health but it doesn't make it any easier to wait.

I had a lumbar puncture last week and it showed elevated white cells so now he is on a mission to try to prove it is something else. Everything from HIV to west nile is being tested. GEESH. It's not that I WANT MS because I certainly don't, I just really think it's what I have. Time will tell I guess. I am hoping for some encouragement with others having gone thru it or going thru it now out htere in blogville. ;-)


Stephen said...

i also have taken, but don't like, neurontin. you might look into baclofen - i take it for the leg cramps, but it is also indicated for muscle pain, etc. in ms.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Jammy, sounds like your dr. has a problem. (You just have a disease :-)

Pain in always a problem with MS because where it hurts may not be where it actually hurts and what your body thinks is wrong may not be what is actually wrong.

That's what is so frustrating about diagnosing this disease.

Symptoms are meta-information about the state of your being but the neurological cabling is itself affected, and reporting spurious sensations.

You probably need something which would affect the nerve's ability to transmit, and forget about what you think is hurting.

(Oh, and you're husband's typical. [That's damning him with very faint praise indeed. :-])

cathys said...

Hi! My name's Cathy. I've had M.S. for 32 yrs. I find "Aleve" works wonders on nerve pain! Another thing you might try is MSM,a health product that works great!