Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RE: Comments RE: OMG! Post

Thank you Stephen! I appreciate the support. And you're right, again. :-)

Yes, I have seen multiple sclerosis sucks. The subtitle cracks me up! Talk about having a sense of humor.

I have to admit, of all the things that have made me deal with this disease better it's been the fact that I am not alone and that I can share with all of you and you know what I'm going through. I just really hope that I am helping you as well, because you all being there means so much to me.

Thank you again to LyGuy for the chuckle on his suggestion. Ninjas are super stealthy. LOL!!

So that brings me back to Yoga. Remember how I've said before the best part of Yoga has been the cool down parts where you're just relaxing? I think I'll start Yoga up again, but stick to the relaxation parts.

One last note... My Daughter has been trying today, but also a total Fashionista and being like a little mother hen. It makes it very difficult to be mad at her when she's all that. And my son was dancing with the dancers on "So you think you can dance?" tonight. He cracked me up, he was trying to do all the hip hop moves and all. LOL!! This little tiny person has quiet the personality. And then he walked over to me to get up on my lap and said, "That sucks!" I said, "What did you say?" and he said, "That sucks." I have no idea what he was saying sucks, but this little voice from this little person... just classic. :-)

Have a great night all!

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mdmhvonpa said...

My little ones come up with the darnedest things some times. I know they must be parroting something I said or they heard, but the context is a hoot!