Sunday, September 09, 2007

Been a while

I apologize for not posting in a long while.
I have had my moments. Depression is still there, but mostly around "that time" and I've been trying to get my PCP and my Gyn to help me there. My PCP is finally on my side there and thinks that it is hormonal. Just need to get my Gyn to agree.

MS symptoms are just the occassional voo doo doll pains and fatigue. I've been blessed with a fabulous boss who lets me work from home and I work all the time. I've been really busy with work and the kids.

I wanted to talk to any of you on Copaxone. I have been skipping shots - NOT RECOMMENDED. I mostly do it when I'm up late working and then it's midnight by the time I go up. But a couple of times, and again - NOT RECOMMENDED, I was having so much pain with the shots not going in right away. I use the AutoJect and the needle would go into my skin, but the drug wasn't pushing in quickly so it would burn tremendously from having the needle in my skin so long. OUCH!!

I finally got so tired of it I called SharedSolutions and they told me that there was a Lot of the drug that had new syringes that were causing problems with the autoject.
I do recommend calling to discuss if you've had the same issue.

They did ask me if I could inject without the autoject and I just cannot. When I get stressed I still get that weird tight feeling in my neck. Those feelings that I got when I thought something was wrong and went to the doc who gave me my diagnosis. I would rather not CAUSE that if not necessary. Injecting without the autoject is too stressful for me now.

I did a training for a client two weeks ago and had that tight feeling when it started off not so well. Of course I had just driven for over 3 hours to get there so all stress. I think I hate that feeling more than the fatigue. SIGH!

I have done one thing for myself that I am proud of... I have joined a massage place so I get a monthly massage. In fact, I have one I need to get going for. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Just work out stressed out muscles, take time to relax and de-stressify.

Next step - back to Yoga. I'll do that and hopefully that will work out a strained muscle I have in my abdomen. I'll keep you posted.

I hope you're all doing well! Thank you for the comments and encouragement.
Take Care!


mdmhvonpa said...

Is there someone who could do the dirty work of giving you the shot on those bad days? My Mrs would not, but us Men can be awfully happy to 'help out'. You know ... just sneak up on you and ... POW! Poke you in the butt with the shot before you even know what hit ya!


Stephen said...

good to hear from you again. can't relate to the monthlies, but i could never even contemplate sticking the needle in w/out the injector thingie. i'm doing tysabri now, so no more thrice-a-week needles, just a once a month iv. not sure which is worse, to tell the truth.

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