Monday, November 15, 2010

My Diagnosis Anniversary - 8 years and still moving!

Eight years ago today I was diagnosed with this dreadful disease - but I'm thankful - because I'm still moving, still working full-time, still active, still able to take care of myself. I have every reason to be grateful!! I'm grateful for my kids, my family and my friends, especially my BEST friend!! He's made me the happiest even before I found out I had MS!!
So I am grateful and happy!!
Hope you're all well!!
Take care!


Atiera said...

Pamela- You're blog is inspiring. I just found you and have been reading some backlogged posts. Sounds like you're doing doing well with the art of happy living (even with chronic disease and pain).

I'm not diagnosed with MS but I have a myriad of MS symptoms that leave me in pain, debilitated for 1-3 week intervals, and confused. I've finally started seeing a supportive neurologist. I'm getting an MRI soon and I've started Baclofen to help with the symptoms.

I think building community is so key to our survival and happiness. Symptoms don't define us, diagnosis don't define us.

So here's to sharing life experiences and making the most of our time here on this beautiful planet.

You can visit my blog too! I'm just getting started. Its an excellent outlet and creative expressive tool.


CSA said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I recently started a blog after being diagnosed in September 2010. Feel free to check it out:

Thanks again!

steroids blog said...

great to hear you are winning the fight against MS.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic inspiring post. It is refershing to see positive thoughts. We do have a lot to live for. So congrats to you for staying positive and thank you for your post

Karen said...

Hi Pamela,
Love the title of your blog... I'm dealing with the blow of a diagnosis, so its great to read an upbeat blog like yours!

Heather said...

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melish said...

hello... I hope all is well with you.. I was diagnosed this year - a few months ago.. yet is going to be a year soon since my first attack... I started my own blog.. to share my experiences etc.. would you mind checking it out..

live healthy... live happy! take care..