Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Affirmation

I think for today I can affirm that I have a dog that will always lick my toes and my feet or anywhere on my legs or face - though I try so hard to get her to stop. I should teach her to be a Care dog. Of course if I ever needed her to pull me around anywhere she'd drag me 100 mph by the hair, most likely.

So to prevent that I've been walking again - not that I wasn't walking before - but taking this crazy Beagle for walks. Trying to get away from the fear and heartache I'm experiencing.

All it's done for me so far is give me a blister on my heel. Oh, and make me realize that my dog has gotten out of her "training" mode. I need to train her again. I also need to train the kids on how to train her. For right now, walking I can do - its the fastest thing I can do to get out of the house without thinking too much.

Ok - affirmation for today - "I'm a good person and I am trusting the process of life."

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