Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Please Be Responsible in Comments

I'm really getting sick of people posting comments about so called "Miracle Cures" to Mulitple Sclerosis. It's great that things have worked for you, but it's irresponsible to tell people to stop taking their medications because of political reasons or whatever else. It's irresponsible to not have clinical proof to back up your comments.

What works for you doesn't work for everyone else and it can be dangerous to tell people to stop taking their medications.

I appreciate all other comments, but please be responsible. People seek help or other view points to what is going on with them. This blog is to help me share my experiences. I happen to be on an injectible and other meds that I don't always take.
I hope I help others.

Please understand that I don't wish to keep comments trying to sound factual where there is no proof.

I hope all my readers are doing well. Please take care!


Zaedah said...

I love when people announce their Next Great Idea for helping (if not curing) this lovely condition. I particularly enjoy the opinions of total, utter strangers who not only don't have MS but know next to nothing about it. (the tax preparer suggested an alt. medicine doctor who began life as a dentist. Yup, sign me up!

Pamela said...

You are said everything I feel exactly!!! They don't have MS - how could they possibly really know or help.
I hope you're well! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Happy to have found this site. I have MS and just keeping looking to see what is working etc out there. later..

Sclerosis multiple said...

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