Friday, April 29, 2005


Okay, so I started by telling you I have MS and how I found out.
Here's a little background since my diagnosis.

After we found out I had MS, I decided to walk in the MS Walk in St. Peters, MO. That was the first year we founded Pamela's Team. My sister, who does graphic design, created the t-shirts and has every year since. We did our 3rd walk this past April. We're not raising as much as we'd like, but we're going to do better! I'm thinking about doing the Challenge Walk next year. That will be my big feat!

I also gave birth to my son in July 2004. We decided, after almost six months of debate to have another child. I wanted to so much and I'm so glad we did. My kids are wonderful, beautiful mysterious creatures and the only thing I hope is that I have MS so they don't have to have something like this! I want them to stay healthy!

Also, last November I started taking Copaxone injections. Yes, they are the DAILY ones!!

Finally, the second Thursday of March, I found out I was being laid off. I was the Intranet developer for my company, the only one... with a back up person in the headquaters location. I was remote, so out of site, out of mind, I guess. Anyway, I was officially laid off on April 1... see, my life has LOTS of humor in it!! Unfortunately, they didn't say, "April Fools!" to me! But I'm glad. It's been a rough month, but I've been doing lots of painting in my house and work to make it a beautiful home and if necessary, a beautiful home we can sell. HA!! But that's only if I don't find a job soon!

I decided to start this blog to talk about my MS. Maybe it can help someone else. There is humor in everything. If you don't dwell on the sad and doom of it, then you can smile and say, "Hey, I have that and I'm okay!"

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