Saturday, April 30, 2005

Taking Injections

I have been taking Copaxone injections since November 2004. I have to take them daily. I was scrared to death to do these shots and had considered taking the weekly, but that's intramuscular, so that was out. Then I considered the every other day, the three times a week and the, I don't know, other one that's NOT daily. But they have side effects of depression and having just had another child, that's just not even an option. So I went with the DAILY. I hate shots! I HATE THEM!!
But, these are not so bad. I had ONE bad Post Injection Site Reaction. It was horrible, I thought I was dying. But it was gone as fast as it began and I'm still here to talk about it. I can prepare for them. I just think my reaction was so bad because I thought I would have had the reaction sooner than I had. I may have it again, or I may not. And I'll just be prepared. No biggie. What other choice do I have? Right? It's a control thing! I like that I had a choice to begin with. But 'ya know, I sure do wish they'd come up with a pill form that works!! Who doesn't?!

Anyway, I switch off my injection sites. It's like the Macarena, or that Pepto Bismal commercial.
Starting Mondays, abdomen, right thigh, left thigh, right hip, left hip, right arm, left arm, "Pepto Bismal!" I'm so good!! I was so proud of myself for switching off!!

I've only missed two injections. Once because I was sick with the flu and KNEW I was going to vomit, so I just couldn't stab myself while having that feeling too! The second time was because I forgot my injection when I went to my folks house.

Ever since I had the PISR - HA!! What an acroynm! Anyway, every since I had the Post Injection Site Reaction, I try to be really calm, sometimes I'll drink a glass of wine or a beer. I make sure my husband is in the room. Though I was able to take my shot yesterday all by myself, well, at least by myself in my room. I do the whole routine, ice, but not till my skin dies - horrible!! Ice is almost worse than the shot itself. Then I do the shot, then I have a large container of Tucks Medicated Pads! Yes, I put them all over my body! The guy at the Pharmacy must think I have a horrible case of roids! But I use them for aftershot sting! It really helps!!

Then I have lumps and itching and bruises all over my body. It's kind of fun to try to name the injection site by week!

Yes, I HATE THEM!! Did I say that already? However, I really think it's helping. I still have fatigue, and after talking to a friend with MS last night, we figured out that our stress is causing our latest symptoms. Plus it's hard carrying around a 22 pound baby boy! It's tiring already. God, he's cute!! But I digress, I've been stressed from being laid off and worrying about money and not really eating well. Though the plus side to that is I've lost as much weight as my boy weighs!
So I'm sure all of that stress is causing my fatigue. I've been having really bad numbness in my right hand, I'm sure painting doesn't help that.
I have an MRI on May 17th and after that we'll figure out how I'm doing. I'll just wait and see.
Afterall, till there's a cure, I'm on injections. Or solumedrol, but that's a whole other story!

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