Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Injections - a way of life

You know it's pretty funny that I take injections every day. I hate needles! I loath shots!
When I was pregnant with my son I had gestational diabetes and had to stick my fingers several times a day. I remember, the longer I did it, the harder it got.

I'm thinking that's what's happening with these shots.

My Autoject was even messing me up. Sometimes I'd have the thing on my arm for 20 seconds and the red area still didn't show up in the window. So my Autoject was failing me. However, the people over at Shared Solutions are excellent and not only sent me two new ones, one is for backup, but they also sent me an envelop to send the "bad" one back in. So they can check it out and make sure they don't have this trouble again. That was great!

Now if I could get past the part where my brain actually tells my thumb to press the button... faster. Instead of me holding for a good minute and finally have to regroup because I've gotten myself into a tizzy over not pressing the stupid button. But it's nothing a glass of wine can't take care of. Well, sometimes. I try to be brave and skip the wine and many times I succeed!
Also, I have to say, Tucks pads are the way to go. Slap one on after the shot and it's pretty good at taking the sting away. Plus, having something else on your mind or something else to do helps too. I mean, hey, I'm still here, right? The shots aren't killing me.
Even in this "down" time, I'm still doing pretty well.

So I should LOVE these shots! They just kind of suck.

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Eriksgirl said...

Who likes shots? I feel for you having a hard time doing it each time it is injection night. Hopefully the new auto injectors will help lesson the fear. I have never heard of the tucks pads... will have to have Erik try that one when it hurts him.