Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I didn't win on Ellen

I woke up in pain again, with the burning in my right arm again and the numbness extending from the circle area on my foot to the side of my leg and thought how I wish I had won on Ellen! Two days of her 12 days of giveaways she had those nice beds as a prize. The Sleep Number and the memory foam one -I don't remember the name. I so wish I had one now. Of course, there is the thought that it wouldn't make much of a difference.

So here I am another night, exhausted and really wanting to sleep, but just afraid to go to bed. I don't want to get up there and not be able to get comfortable again or worse - have the pain again. It's just really awful!

I had a glass of wine earlier. I also bought chocolate today and ate too much. The last hurrah before the new year diet that lasts a week... I'm thinking about having another glass. It was good - a nice Reisling from Barefoot. Strange name for a wine? Not really since that's how the grapes used to be crushed. :D

This spot on my foot is just plain weird. Again, I don't notice it unless I touch it. Or when my foot slides down in the sheets of my bed and it just feels so weird. I think I can best describe it as being similar to the electric shock feeling from L'hermites sign. A much smaller scale... but that's pretty much what it feels like when your foot falls asleep and is coming "back to life" so to speak.

Now I'm also getting the numbness in the middle of my back - in a place where you wouldn't normally have numbness. I was hoping this little "glitch" was from my period starting - but what the heck!!

So when do we truly know it's from MS and not from something else? It's really hard to figure out, especially when I talk to family and they say, "Oh, I get that sometimes" - YIKES!!

Yeah - I don't think so...

Today is definitely a voodoo doll day and someone's got my name on the doll with lots of pins in it! I'm really delaying going to bed... now I'm just rambling and looking at Daisy (the beagle) who just is staring back. She's a dog with a lot on her mind. :D I can tell by all the sighs. It's like she's always disappointed. LOL!! I need to go to bed now!!

Norma Lee - enjoy your time with your son! 21 months - what a great age!!
Ashley - enjoy being a kid! :)

I went out with my little one's today on separate errands - and played Hand and Foot with my step-daughter too. I love them all, even my step-daughter's teenage angst. More than anything, I love being able to truly say - it will pass! Just as I keep saying to myself about these pains. They'll pass. But I still would like a more comfortable bed! :D

Nite all!! Sweet dreams!

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