Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pain, Pain Go Away, Don't come again another day

I woke up this morning and my right arm was burning again - it was late too, I had to get online and start work. So I hurried up and jumped in the tub, hoping, out of desperation, for a hot bath to make the pain in my arm subside. Instead the water was cold :( And the more I ran it the colder it got, even after doing the 5 minute wait. Thinking that maybe the hot water heater just wasn't "ready".

Then I was reminded of an appointment my son had, so I had to hurry and wash in cold water. It didn't have an effect either way on the numbness in the hand - it was still there and still painful.

I had a conference call today with a client and as soon as I was off the call my daughter made me test my Brain Age on her new DS game. My Brain Age is 80. Nice. I had to shout the color the word was in, not the color the word spelled. It took me a while to get that or I should say for my brain to get that. But even still - I thought I did well - except for the lagging times. :$ Then there was the math... as if - I suck at it already. I remember when I first was diagnosed with MS I went to have my cognition tested and felt rather clever - at the time the doctor said I did better than most people my age who don't have MS. That was 7 years ago. And truly - I was bad at math before - but I seem to have gotten worse. So here's this computer guy telling me I'm old in my brain. Yeah - nice. Like I needed that. Of course then I had to read from Occurrence at... is it Old Creek Bridge... hells bells, I forgot it already. But I do remember the book - or is it a short story? I even remember the movie of it... I think... from Jr. High maybe?

Nice brain - huh?
So my next torture will be on Friday when I do my Wii Fit Plus - can't wait for that lovely stick figure to balloon into a ball when it measure's my BMI. And then the Wii Fit will tell my my health age is 55 or something like that. Or the one I like the best is when it says I'm not steady when I balance. LOL!! And I spend the entire exercise telling it I have MS - like it can hear me.

But for right now - I am again hoping for a good night's sleep without the pain in my arm. The numb area on the foot is still there. But I have only taken one Neurontin.

Well - here's to a good night's sleep!
Take care all!

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