Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Daughter is Amazing

I was walking down the stairs in my 95 year old gimpy way (again - still in the middle of this relapse/exacerbation/flare-up/glitch - or whatever you want to call it) and I was saying to myself, and anyone who was listening, that I wished I was walking like this because I had an injury or something. My daughter was downstairs on her DS and yelled at me.

"You would rather have an injury? You would rather have a BROKEN BONE!" And I said, "I would rather have an injury or broken bone that I could recover from, that would heal then this disease that there is no cure for."

"There's a cure for it!" She said, "They just haven't found it yet. But there is a cure."

She is my awesome optimist!

I should not let this "relapse" get me down... I just really wish I could type without this wretched, painful numbness in my right hand. And I wish could sleep without the burning hot, white hot pain going down my whole arms. :(

But I'll stick with my daughter here - there is a cure - they just haven't found it yet.

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MariJo said...

Sorry to read that you haven't been feeling too well lately. I've checked out your blog and you have some wonderful inspirations on your Walk Team and of course, in your household.

There are people submitting videos to be filmed for podcasts at http://www.iwalkbecause.org. I thought I'd mention it to you as another outlet to share your stories as your finger pain exacerbates.

I do hope you feel better soon!

dx'd 13 years ago, suffered an attack that left me half paralyzed 10 years ago... I've rehabilitated and walk now and don't take one step for granted!