Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still symptomatic

I'm in my 4th week of all this. I'm not happy. I was having a pretty good day earlier and then - just the screaming kids, non-stop, and just stuff in general has gotten me down.

I called the MS nurses line this morning to let them know I'm still having the symptoms. That I even got a new one in the middle of my back. Yesterday I started getting a numb spot in the middle left of my back and it hurts a bit.

The nurse called back and said with everything going on, and the addition of a stomach bug that I got two days ago that lasted about a day and a half, that these symptoms could last 6 more weeks. :(

That just doesn't make me happy. Right now I've got that numbness on the whole middle of my back. This is just below my shoulder blades. Weird area for numbness and it hurts - like the foot asleep feeling.

Just sick of it. A little bummed out. Worried about my kids because of this and the other "upsets" around here.

I think I need sun. I'm watching House Hunters right now and this is the second show of people looking for a place in sun. I need that. I need a vacation and not one that has anything resembling Winter.

I'm looking forward to seeing my best friend soon. But it seems so far away right now. :(

I hope you're all doing much, much better. I think I've got a mixture of the Winter doldrums as well as the crappy MS symptoms make me depressed stuff.

Please take care!

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Mike said...

I came across your blog about MS and Shingles from 2006 I think it was.
Figured I might have better luck contacting you on a recent post.

I was diagnosed with my first attack back in August. Of course being my first they can not clinically call it MS even though my neuro has pretty much said it is.

I was finally felling better for the last 1 1/2 weeks after 6 months of pain, fatigue, numbness, etc.

So a week ago I feel like I am coming down with a cold and then 4 days ago I get a rash on my upper chest which then started spreading around towards my back.

Well called my regular doc today figuring they might just call in a prescription for an ointment but they call back and want me in right away.

It took him all of 2 seconds when he looked at it to tell me it is shingles.

Being I am new to all this I am just curious if the shingles is just a once in a while thing or should I be looking forward to this joy numerous times in the future.

Being I am 45 and have been suffering back pain for the last 20 years due to a gunshot that severed a nerve and is compressing 2 others in addition to arthritis in my neck and 7 bulging disks it is all just piling on now and I guess this is just a little vent for me but would like your input on the shingles aspect.

I appreciate any response you may have for me.

I am not sure how this blog works but if you like you can email be at

Best Regards,